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CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: Contributions to the optimization of multimedia services over 3GPP-based networks

CTTC- Title: "Contributions to the optimization of multimedia services over 3GPP-based networks"
- Speaker & Affiliation:  David Viamonte Solé, Sales & Marketing Director of Genaker, Ph.D. Candidate - Telematics Engineering Department - Technical University of Catalonia 
- Place: CTTC Room Auditorium
- Date & Time: 13rd May (Monday) - 10:30h
- Duration: 45min. (aprox.)

An abstract of the presentation and a short CV of the speaker follow.

SPEAKER: David Viamonte has been carrying his professional and research activities around multimedia services over mobile networks during the > last 15 years. He is engaged with Genaker since 2006, involved in the > definition of its next-gen Push-to-Talk platform. From 2004 to 2006 > David worked as Senior System Engineer at Vodafone Group Technology (Düsseldorf) involved in Push-to-Talk and IP Multimedia Subsystem projects. In 2001 - 2003 David worked as R&D Engineer at Nokia Mobile Phones in Media Streaming and SIP-related projects for mobile phones, where his contributions helped in the establishment of Nokia strategy in the streaming arena. He has been Part Time Lecturer at the Technical University of Catalonia (EPSC, Castelldefels) from 2001 to 2004, where he is currently PhD candidate at the Telematics Engineering Department. David started his career as VoIP engineer in Retevision (business sold later to Ono) (1999 - 2001). His research interests involve the delivery of Multimedia and IMS-based services over cellular networks in areas such as optimization of SIP-based Presence architectures, or delivery of professional group communication services over IMS/LTE/SAE networks. David has co-authored the only available technical book that provides in-depth technical coverage of the OMA standard Push-to-Talk over Cellular service (Wiley's "Multimedia Group Communication"). He has published papers in International Journals and Workshops.

ABSTRACT: The seminar will cover areas related to the optimization of IP multimedia services over 3GPP-based mobile networks. The focus will be on IMS-based services such as SIMPLE Presence or Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC), deployment challenges and optimization opportunities. The seminar is aimed at enabling open discussion and sharing. One of the areas of the discussion will involve harmonization and convergence of Presence architectures. Effectively, with a multitude of Presence-enabled services, "redundant" traffic triggered by diverse services and applications in mobile phones may pose a suboptimal situation in terms of usage of network resources and battery consumption. This situation represents an opportunity to optimize and share Presence information among services and applications which may, in principle, not necessarily be connected to each other. As a Presence-enabled service, PoC is raising as one of the services with high future potential. Effectively, while PoC services were launched over the last ten years worldwide with different degrees of success, technology evolution - particularly the Smartphone phenomenon and deployment of 4G networks - delivers now a unique opportunity for significant growth of this service. This situation pairs with the obsolescence of many radio systems deployed over the last thirty years, plus the convergence of future Mission Critical communication technologies toward IP and LTE-based systems. The workshop will focus on how to optimize performance of PoC services over LTE, in areas such as support for large groups (>1,000 participants), network-less operation and harmonization of user experience in large groups with radio access technology heterogeneity.

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