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CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: New Tools For Technology Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence

CTTC- Title: "New Tools For Technology Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence"
- Speakers:  Pere Escorsa Castells, President; Elicet Cruz Jiménez, Technical Director; Enric Escorsa O'Callaghan, CEO  
- Affiliation: IALE Tecnologia
- Place: CTTC Room Auditorium
- Date & Time: 2nd May (Thursday) - 10:00h
- Duration: 45min. (aprox.)

An abstract of the presentation and a short CV of the speaker follow.

SPEAKERS: Dr. Pere Escorsa Castells, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and an expert in the management of technological innovation, widely recognized nationally and internationally as a pioneer of Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence in Spain. PhD in Industrial Engineering, Bachelor of Economics and Chair of the Department of Management at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and President of Technology IALE. He has participated in projects of the European Commission, UNIDO, OEI (Organization of American States), CYTED (Science and Technology for Development), the IDB (IDB), CORFO and the European Parliament. Author of numerous books and visiting professor at various universities.

Elicet Cruz Jiménez, Industrial Engineer. Masters in MBA and PhD from the UPC, Barcelona, Spain. He has worked in academia as a professor (University of Havana), and as a consulting professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC, Barcelona). He has taught courses on Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence in various business sectors and public and private institutions. He has participated in several projects related to the Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence and Innovation. She's currently Technical Director at IALE Tecnologia.

Enric Escorsa O'Callaghan, Agricultural engineer specializing in horticulture and landscaping in the College of Agriculture of Barcelona. Postgraduate in Landscape Architecture from the University of Greenwich, London. He worked for eight years as a landscape architect in London and Barcelona. Since March 2006 he works at IALE Technologia participating in Competitive and IP intelligence related projects, European R+D projects and development of online courses on Innovation management related topics. CEO of IALE Technologia.

ABSTRACT: IALE Tecnologia is a key player in Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence and a reference provider of knowledge/innovation management solutions for governments, companies and research institutions. IALE's expertise lies in customized Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence based products and services helping organizations to make the best decisions on innovation and technology. IALE is a pioneer company in Spain in support services Innovation Management, especially in Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence. Its business mission is basically to help organizations make better decisions in innovation and technology. IALE Tecnologia was stablished in 1998 as a spin off from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), it has headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), a subsidiary in Chile (2003), and delegate offices in the Spanish cities of Seville (2007) and Madrid (2008). IALE is a pioneer in Spain and Latin America on Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence. It has a history of over 15 years in multiple relevant areas such as Energy, Agroindustry, Food, Mining, Fishing and Aquaculture, Health, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, etc. This particular experience is evidenced in its participation in many international (IDB, UNIDO, OEI, CNIC-Chile, World Bank, WIPO...), European (PATExpert www.patexpert.org, TOPAS www.topasproject.eu, IDEAMed, DIPS, ...) and national (ACC1Ó, FUNDEUN, INTROMAC,...) projects. IALE Tecnologia's know how can be described in terms of the projects carried out. They are basically oriented towards the acquisition of highly relevant knowledge allowing for the identification of emerging subjects and areas, key players in research and development, collaboration networks amongst companies, research centers, countries, etc. This ensures a complete overview of what is happening in a given productive sector or a specific technology area or domain. IALE Tecnologia informs about what is happening, what is emerging, which patents are being registered, who is investigating, who is publishing,... This knowledge allows the clients to make timely strategic decisions in order to achieve a good positioning in the market and against the competition and to respond adequately to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This is what is known as Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence.

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