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Títol CreationDate
Taller uPC Alumni:"10 tips per tenir èxit en els processos de selecció" 11/04/2016 14:37
I Campus d'estiu UPC Alumni 18/06/2015 16:51
Publicació oficial de la convocatòria 2015 del Pla de Doctorats Industrials 20/03/2015 11:23
Seminari organitzat pel CREDA 21/01/2014 18:40
Volatility spillovers in the Spanish food marketing chain. The case of Tomato 16/07/2013 13:13
Determinant factors affecting the point of purchase selection: valuation and perceptions 16/07/2013 13:13
Food-energy nexus in Europe: A price volatility approach 14/06/2013 11:47
LIFE+ UFTEC Final Workshop 14/05/2013 14:18
Data Assimilation in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) 10/05/2013 14:38
CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: Contributions to the optimization of multimedia services over 3GPP-based networks 10/05/2013 13:55
CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: New Tools For Technology Monitoring and Competitive Intelligence 30/04/2013 10:24
CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: ProteinLab UTEM: Experimental activity and political dialogue EU - LAC in the field of ICT 22/04/2013 10:45
CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: SAMNAR: a Security Management Architecture for Advanced Wireless Networking 22/04/2013 10:43
CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: Measurement-based Design and Evaluation of Scheduling Algorithms for Energy Harvesting and Cellular Networks 17/04/2013 11:05
Seminari CREDA: La agricultura frente a los retos actuales del desarrollo rural 05/04/2013 16:06
CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: Opportunities for CTTC in Chile 02/04/2013 16:33
CTTC Weekly Seminar Series: Silicon Microwave Photonics for Radio-over-Fibre – Design and Measurement Issues 20/03/2013 10:30
Remote sensing for archaeology: the Valley of the Khans Project 12/03/2013 14:34
Barcelona Forum on PhD. Research in Information and Communication Technologies 02/10/2012 16:03
Workshop: “Experiences on Net Zero Energy Buildings – Meet the IEA Experts” 21/09/2012 14:37