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Authorisation for the collection of documents [AZ]
Commitment to legalising documents [C]
General application form [I]


Admission via change of programme or from a degree governed by previous regulations [ADAP1]


Form for the reimbursement of the enrolment fee [D]
Registration form to doctoral studies [M]
Application for a change of study load [CADE]
Application for extension of the submission of the doctoral thesis (Rd 99/2011)

Research stage

Doctoral Student Activity Report RD 99/2011 [DAD99]
Commitment document between doctoral student and thesis supervisor [CDDT]
Commitment document between doctoral student and external thesis supervisor [CDDT+DDTE]

Doctoral thesis

Thesis as a collection of published articles

Request to submit an article-based doctoral thesis

Thesis registration and deposit

Authorization by the thesis supervisor for the submission of the defence proposal [ADT]
Approval and authorisation for the International Doctorate mention [AA]
UNESCO codes (for the thesis summary form) [Cod. UNESCO]
Application for the submission of a doctoral thesis in accordance with confidentiality protection processes and/or confidentiality agreements [PTCD]
External referee report [IEE]
Thesis quality report and authorization by the Academic Committee for the programme for its submission [ADU]
Thesis summary (IMPORTANT: enable active content)

N.B: the thesis summary form should not contain more 4000 characters of plain text, with no formatting, because subsequent thesis procedures (registration in Prisma, TDX, TESEO, etc.) only allow plain text files of this maximum length.

[Resum Tesi DOC - doc] [Resum Tesi ODT - odt] [Resum Tesi PDF - pdf] Application for the International Doctorate mention [MI]
Comments by a PhD holder [OD]
Comments by the Academic Committee for the Doctoral Programme [OCAPD]
Deferral of the submission of a doctoral thesis [ET]

Thesis examination panel

Budget of expenses of the examination panel [DT]
Proposal for the Appointment of the Examination Panel [T]

Thesis reading evaluation

Thesis assessment report
Thesis Assessment Report (International Doctoral Degree Statement)


TDX: Author statement for the incorporation of the thesis to TDX [Declaració TDX]
Thesis dissemination agreement (Theses defended before 11 February 2012)


Thesis examination panel guidelines [Suport tribunal]

Doctoral degree

Application for the issuing of an official university degree [SolTitol]
Request for the doctoral degree to be sent [ET]
Aplication for a stament of equivalence between a foreign phd and a UPC doctoral degree