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Degrees and documents legalisation

The legalisation of original academic documents requires a process of signature recognition.

Depending on the type of document, the type of degree (whether it is a university-specific, non-regulated degree or not), the issuing institution and, particularly, whether the legalisation is being sought for Spanish documents or documents issued in another country that need to be legal in Spain, different legalisation procedures must be followed.

Consult the steps that must be taken in each case:

Legalisation of Spanish documents

Legalisation and translation of documents issued outside Spain

Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya degrees

In the case of degree certificates from the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya that carry the rector's digital signature, graduates must contact Academic Services at the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya. They recognise the digital signature and give graduates the details of the notary public who will recognise it and thus enable them to continue with the process of legalisation by a notary public or diplomatic services.

Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya
Calle Badajoz, 73-77
Telf: 93 112 08 07