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Minimum academic progress

What do I have to do to continue on the doctoral programme?

  1. Enrol for tutorials every academic year. 

  2. Submit the research plan. If you receive a negative assessment you can resubmit to assessment within a maximum of six months.

  3. Pass tutorial assessment every academic year. If you receive a negative assessment in two consecutive academic years, you will be obliged to definitely withdraw from the programme. 

  4. Submit your doctoral thesis before the end of the maximum period, which is three years for full-time students and five years for part-time students. 

  5. If you have not submitted your thesis within the maximum period, ask for a one-year extension if you are a full-time student or a two-year extension if you are a part-time student. In both cases, you can ask for a further one-year extension. 

  6. If during your doctoral studies you need to temporarily withdraw, do so and we will not count the time as part of the maximum period for submitting the thesis. 

What does to be obliged to withdraw from the doctoral programme mean? 

Withdrawing from the programme means that you cannot continue studying at the UPC and the closing of your academic record. This notwithstanding, you may apply for admission to another doctoral programme or wait for two years to reapply for admission to the same programme. In both cases, you will have to submit a new research plan. 

Further information

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