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Research plan

During the first year of doctoral studies you must submit your research plan, which must include, at least, the method followed, the resources used and the schedule according to which you will produce your doctoral thesis. At least once during your studies, you must present your research plan, which must be endorsed by your thesis supervisor, in public. The presentation will be assessed by a committee appointed for this purpose.

You must receive a positive assessment for the research plan. If you do not, you will have six months in which to submit a new research plan. If this second assessment is not positive or you do not submit to it, you will not be allowed to continue on the programme. You may apply for admission to another doctoral programme.

After this first assessment of the research plan, within the yearly assessment of the studies the academic committee of the doctoral programme will assess your progress on the research plan, as well as the report from your thesis supervisor and your doctoral student activity report (DAD).

Further information

Academic Regulations for Doctoral Studies

Please bear in mind the following: 

  1. Each doctoral programme establishes the content of the research plan. Check with your thesis supervisor. 

  2. The committee that assesses the public presentation of your research plan will be composed of three PhD holders.

  3. The public presentation must take place at the facilities of the University or the collaborating entity.