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The Doctoral School has the following functions:

  1. To organise those aspects of doctoral studies that fall within its scope of responsibilities.
  2. To submit proposals to the Board of Governors concerning approval for the creation, modification and discontinuation of doctoral programmes.
  3. To oversee the quality of doctoral programmes.
  4. To ensure that doctoral programmes are compatible with the UPC’s general research strategy.
  5. To submit proposals to the Board of Governors concerning the academic regulations for doctoral studies.
  6. To monitor the university’s policies on predoctoral grants and scholarships and suggest strategies for improving efficiency.
  7. To establish internal rules governing the rights and obligations of doctoral students, tutors and thesis directors, within the general framework of UPC regulations.
  8. To establish rules governing the Academic Committees of the doctoral programmes, taking into account the specific requirements of different programmes, within the general framework of UPC regulations.
  9. To submit proposals to the rector concerning approval of the composition of thesis examination panels, having received the corresponding report from the doctoral programme's Academic Committee.
  10. To submit proposals to the Board of Governing concerning approval of regulations governing extraordinary doctoral awards.
  11. To plan transversal training courses and specific research training for doctoral students.
  12. To ensure sufficient provision of teaching and research staff for each doctoral programme to guarantee quality levels.
  13. To promote interuniversity cooperation at the national and international levels.
  14. To foster greater integration of doctoral graduates into the business sector and promote the internationalisation of doctoral studies.
  15. To provide technical support and regulatory advice to basic units (schools and departments) and functional units that are partially or fully responsible for the management of doctoral programmes.