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Governing and representative bodies

Composition of the Governing and representative bodies

Management tool for the Representative Bodies


Doctoral School Board

The Board, which is chaired by its director, is the Doctoral School’s governing body. It fulfils organisation and management functions. The Board ensures that the Doctoral School adequately performs all of the functions attributed to it in the current legislation, the UPC Statutes and the Regulations on the Organisation and Functions of the Doctoral School.

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Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the Board’s executive and permanent representation body. It is chaired by the director of the Doctoral School. Its functions include drafting the Doctoral School’s strategic plan, designing and implementing the quality assurance system for monitoring activities and the results of the doctoral programmes and assessing the effectiveness of the University’s policies on doctoral grants and financial aid.

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Academic committee of the doctoral programme

The academic committee of the doctoral programme is linked to a specific doctoral programme and is responsible for defining the programme, updating it, ensuring its quality and coordinating it. It is also responsible for fostering the progress of research and education and authorising the deposit of doctoral theses by doctoral candidates on the programme.


Doctoral Student Council

The Doctoral Student Council represents the doctoral candidates and fosters their participation in all areas of university life and contributes to the goals of the University.




The director is the person who represents the Doctoral School and carries out day-to-day supervision and management functions. These functions include ensuring compliance with the mission, goals, strategic plan and functions of the Doctoral School, executing and enforcing compliance with the agreements of the Board and the Standing Committee, and managing the provision of the infrastructure needed by the School.


Assistant director

The assistant director assists the director in his or her functions and performs the functions delegated to him or her by the director and any other function assigned to him or her in the UPC Statutes.



The secretary, in addition to acting as such at the Doctoral School, is also the secretary of the Board and the Standing Committee. His or her functions include calling meetings of the collegial bodies on the order of the chairperson and organising collegial body elections at the Doctoral School.


Coordinator of the doctoral programme

The coordinator of the doctoral programme is the person responsible for the day-to-day supervision and management of the doctoral programme and he or she chairs its academic committee.


For further information, consult the regulations covering all of the Doctoral School’s bodies:

- Internal Regulations of the Doctoral School

- Regulations on the Organisation and Functions of the Doctoral School

- Doctoral Student Council Regulations