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Quality Policy and Strategic Planning

The UPC Doctoral School's quality policy is based on the mission, vision and values that guide our activity:


The UPC Doctoral School is the academic unit responsible for organising, coordinating and supervising programmes that lead to the award of a doctoral degree at the UPC.

The Doctoral School organises its educational activity within the framework of the five areas of knowledge the University specialises in:

Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction
Civil Engineering
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Engineering
Industrial Engineering


The UPC Doctoral School's vision is:

  • To be a model of effective organisation of doctoral studies—both academically and in terms of administration, with the focus on doctoral students and professors—in order to ensure the quality and proper administration of courses and to support and facilitate interuniversity cooperation within Spain and internationally.
  • To become a unit that helps give visibility to research conducted at the UPC and that helps strengthen its reputation as a leading university in research training.


The principles and values that guide the actions of the Doctoral School and its staff are aligned with those stated in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for UPC Staff and Students, namely:

  • Social commitment: honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Institutional commitment: shared responsibility, critical thinking and cooperation
  • Commitment to service: respect for individuals, impartiality, equity and efficiency
  • Personal development: equality and tolerance
  • Efficient use of resources: austerity, efficiency and sustainability
  • Internationalisation

The Doctoral School's strategic plan, approved by the UPC's Governing Council on 8 October 2015 (Decision no. 179/2015), defines the main aim of the School as follows: To provide students with a high-quality doctoral education that enables them to achieve competencies that facilitate achievement of their career goals, and that supports the activity they carry out in research groups.

As provided in the Internal Regulations of the Doctoral School and the Regulations on the Organisation and Functions of the Doctoral School, the following collegial governing bodies of the School are responsible for ensuring the quality of UPC doctoral courses:

  • Standing Committee. The Standing Committee designs and implements the quality assurance system for monitoring doctoral programme activities and results.
  • Doctoral School Board. The Doctoral School Board approves the document on the design and implementation of the quality assurance system for doctoral programmes and monitors its application.
  • Doctoral programme academic committees. These committees promote and ensure the quality of programmes and establish suitable mechanisms for monitoring and improvement.