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Quality system

Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS)

The importance of internal quality assurance systems and their influence on the university system is reflected in the requirements laid down in the regulations that apply to university courses:

  • Royal Decrees 1393/2007 and 99/2011, provide that when a new bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree is introduced, the programme must have an established IQAS system, the design of which is assessed in the first stage of the validation process.
  • Royal Decree 420/2015 establishes a new institutional accreditation. To be awarded this accreditation, schools must have renewed the accreditation of 50% of their degrees and certified implementation of their IQAS.

Universities, which society has entrusted to manage themselves independently, must ensure that their actions guarantee achievement of the educational objectives linked to the programmes they deliver. To meet this challenge, universities must have policies and internal quality assurance systems that have formal status and are publicly available.

The UPC has chosen to present school-specific quality assurance systems, designed and adapted to the specific characteristics of each school. The Doctoral School is responsible for all UPC official doctoral programmes. As such, it is the unit responsible for developing, modifying when necessary, and approving the IQAS that applies to all UPC doctoral programmes.

The Doctoral School’s IQAS is the key instrument in all quality assurance processes related to doctoral programmes taught at the UPC (i.e. validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation). The objectives of the Doctoral School IQAS are:

  • To fulfil the UPC’s commitment to meet societal needs and expectations.
  • To provide the transparency required within the framework of the EHEA.
  • To incorporate continuous improvement strategies.
  • To provide a common framework for the initiatives units undertake to promote doctoral programmes, thus making an effective contribution to quality assurance.
  • To facilitate the process of accrediting the School’s doctoral programmes.

Doctoral School Internal Quality
Assurance System (IQAS)

SGIQ Certificates

Map of IQAS processes at the Doctoral School

The map of Doctoral School processes is a graphical representation that provides an overview of the unit’s processes, classified by type:

  • Strategic processes: Establish objectives and guidelines for other processes.
  • Key processes: Oriented towards service provision, these are the essential activities carried out by our unit.
  • Support processes: Provide the resources and tools needed to carry out our activity.
  • Measurement and improvement processes: Enable measurement and analysis of the results of the activity.