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The Doctoral School

The university and public education authorities have a joint responsibility to create attractive conditions for doctoral students and to develop the research training environment around the work of recognised research groups at the institution.


Doctoral degrees constitute the third cycle in official university education and the formative stage in a research career. Doctoral studies combine academic study and professional development, allowing students to acquire advanced scientific competences focused on critical thinking, scientific methods and technological innovation and a range of generic competences (intellectual, academic, relational, leadership and personal management) that are highly valued by society and the economy.


Doctoral studies require students to conduct an original and innovative research project, developing a personal programme of continuous learning geared towards the creation of new knowledge and laying the foundations for their professional future.


Doctoral programmes must be effectively organised to ensure that the public receives clear information about the research carried out and to attract and retain the best research talent in the university's main scientific disciplines. The academic structure and administrative framework should facilitate the definition of clear criteria and for each area of study and enable students and the university to obtain the maximum benefit from the programmes offered.


The work of UPC research groups and the doctoral programmes offered by the university cover a wide range of scientific and technological disciplines, the diversity of which is reflected in the organisational structure adopted. The Doctoral School is the general organisational model for doctoral studies at the UPC.