What are the general characteristics and requirements?

What types of financial aid are available?

There are two types, based on the execution of the project:

  1. Co-funded industrial doctorate projects.

  2. Industrial doctorate projects with specific financial aid.

Summary table:


Specific funding


Collaboration agreement between the signatories (publication of results, intellectual and industrial property rights, funding, etc.).

Academic sphere

Catalan public and private universities and research centres. Thesis director: SGR or ICREA researcher or an European Research Council (ERC) gran holder.



Catalonia and the European Union

Type of companies

Public and private companies. Not-for-profit associations and foundations, public bodies (local, regional or national level).

Research institutions and subsidiary companies thereof, and the ministries, offices and regional services of the Government of Catalonia are not elegible. Private academic entities from research institutions (centres adscritis) are not eligible.

Funding for 3 years

Business sphere (21.600)

Academic sphere (25.488)

PhD student (8.472)

PhD student (8.472)

Employment of PhD student

Company or academic partners

Minimum average wage

22.000 euros per year



3 years

Dedication to R&D project

Exclusively or part-time

Working hours distribution

To be agreed between the academic and business spheres


What requirements must projects meet to qualify for co-funding?

What requirements must projects meet to qualify for specific financial aid?

This funding type is applicable in the following cases:

  • The company cannot cover the costs of employing the doctoral candidate and the University accepts that the company will only cover the corresponding employer’s costs.

  • The doctoral student cannot work full-time on the project and the doctoral thesis. Therefore, the duration of the agreement between the University and the company and of the doctoral project will be longer than three years.

  • The workplace of the company is located outside Catalonia.

  • Other cases different from those mentioned above and that may be considered by the selection committee, as long as they are duly justified.