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Access requirements

The access requirements will vary depending on the Royal Decree governing each doctoral programme:


Doctoral programmes by subject area


Admission to official doctoral programmes is open to candidates in possession of official Spanish bachelor’s degrees (or equivalent) and master’s degrees (or equivalent), provided that they have earned at least 300 ECTS credits over the two courses of study. (Royal decree 43/2015, of 2 February)

However, candidates in any of the following circumstances are also eligible:

  1. Individuals holding an official university degree from Spain or any other country in the European Higher Education Area that, in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, qualifies holders for master's degree courses, provided they have also completed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits of official university coursework overall, of which at least 60 must be at the master's degree level.
  2. Individuals holding an official degree from Spain consisting of at least 300 ECTS credits, as required by European Union regulations. Individuals in this category are required to complete bridging courses unless the curriculum of the degree course in question included the same number of research training credits as would be required in a master's degree course.
  3. University graduates who, having passed the entrance examination for specialised medical training, have completed at least two years of a training course leading to an official degree in a health-sciences specialisation.
  4. Individuals holding a degree from a foreign education system. In these cases, homologation is not required, provided it can be shown that the university in question offers a level of training equivalent to that of the official Spanish master's degree and that, in the issuing country, individuals holding the degree in question are eligible for doctoral degree courses. Admission via this channel does not imply homologation of the degree in question, and the degree shall not be considered as recognised for any purpose other than eligibility for the doctoral degree course.
  5. Individuals holding a Spanish doctoral degree obtained under previous university regulations.