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Students wishing to enrol for doctoral studies at the UPC must complete the admission process as outlined below.

  1. Check the access requirements and the admission and enrolment periods.
  2. Request admission to the academic committee for the doctoral programme:
    1. You will have to register in the online admissions application for doctoral studies and fill in the information required (identification document, CV, qualifications, transcripts, etc.).
    2. You will be asked to provide documents such as the following:
      • The degree or degrees that qualify you to apply for admission to a doctoral programme.
      • Syllabuses or curriculum of the degree or degrees you studied.
      • Academic transcripts for the degree or degrees.
      N.B.: These documents should have been legalised and translated, if necessary (see the section on the legalisation of documents and qualifications).
      • A letter from the relevant body at the home university of origin stating that the qualification or qualifications you are submitting entitles you to apply for admission to a doctoral degree in that country, translated, if necessary.
      • A CV that includes any research you have carried out and related publications.
      • Proof of any grants, scholarships or financial aid obtained.
      • Other merits.
    3. The coordinator of the doctoral programme issues the letter of admission.