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RSEQ-GEP Thesis Award

The "Grupo Especializado de Polímeros" of the "Real Sociedad Española de Química" has awarded "Los premios GEP a las Mejores tesis presentadas en España durante el año 2018" to two theses of the UPC Doctorate Polymers and Biopolymers program:


1st award

Autor: Juan Carlos MORALES HUERTA

Title: Polyesters containing cyclic carbohydrate-based units obtained by Ring Opening Polymerization

Directors de tesi: Sebastián MUÑOZ GUERRA i Antxon MARTINEZ DE ILARDUYA SAEZ DE ASTEASU, both from the Department. of Chemical Engineering



Autor: Ali Osman KONURAY

Title: Design and analysis of Dual-Curing Systems

Directors: Xavier RAMIS JUAN i Xavier FERNANDEZ FRANCOS, both from the Dept. of Heat Enginyes an Engines.