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Cross training courses

Cross-training courses for doctoral students

Aware of the importance of developing the complementary personal and professional skills of trainee researchers and of the need for them to extend and update their knowledge in a changing world, the Doctoral School of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, in collaboration with the Libraries, Publications and Archives Service, the Language and Terminology Service, UPC Alumni, the Innova Programme and the Institute of Education Sciences, offers lifelong learning courses and activities to doctoral candidates. It classifies these courses in subject areas, which may change over time depending on the courses that are offered.


Transversal training plan


The investment in these lifelong learning activities is covered by the UPC services that organise them. The activities are free for doctoral candidates, save a few exceptions that will be clearly stated.

Admission to these courses is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The doctoral candidate must be enrolled for thesis tutorials.
  2. Places will be assigned strictly in order of enrolment.
  3. In order to optimise the use of resources and ensure the activities go smoothly, it is essential that you confirm attendance. If you cannot make the course, you must inform the unit or service that is organising the activity in advance and state the reasons for your absence. The UPC services responsible for organising these activities can then decide whether or not to carry out the activity, assign your place to another person who is on the waiting list or cancel the activity if the minimum number of participants is not reached.
  4. All lifelong learning activities will be added to your academic record with a mark of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory depending on your attendance and/or performance. If you do not ultimately attend an activity but do not inform us, it will be added to your academic record with a mark of Unsatisfactory.

Thematic area


Servicio de Lenguas y Terminología

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