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Training for supervisors

Training for supervisors

The relationship between the doctoral program and its director or thesis supervisors is a key part of the success of the development of a doctoral thesis and, therefore, evidence of the quality of the doctoral programs.

"Doctoral education is dependent on active researchers to supervise doctoral candidates and bring them into excellent and inclusive research environments. Supervisors need to have research experience in order to guide the doctoral candidates. They must have the time to meet doctoral candidates and give sufficient and timely feedback on the progress of their research. Supervisors need to have the dedication to deliver good supervision. They also need training to be able to perform their duties, and recognise and react to challenges in the interaction with doctoral candidates in a timely fashion."

ISBN: 9789078997597

The Doctoral School offers support to the directors that begin in the thesis direction task. Starting from their experience in the field of the doctorate, and offering them specific internal and external training in their doctoral program, a honest and professional relationship with the doctoral student is promoted.

This relationship will be reflected in the satisfaction of the parties involved (the PHD candidate and the supervisor) and, especially, in an improvement of the results of the investigation, from which the society provides the scientific advances generated in this environment.

The Doctoral School promotes through the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE), and the Libraries, Publications and Archives Service this training in teaching competencies and tutelage in the search.

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