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Public prices


2018-2019 academic year

DOGC núm. 7652 26.06.2018 DECRE 131/2018, of june 26th, by wich the prices of academic services at public universities in Catalonia and UOC for 2018-2019 academic year


  • Price of credit EHEA: from €41.17 up to €65.87 depending on the master
  • Price for specific services - annual tuition: €70.00
  • Annual Management transcript: €69.80
  • School insurance (mandatory only for those under 28) €1.12
  • Request for reconnaissance surveys: €54.54
  • Price of the credit recognized (from the standard price): 15%
  • Modification and expansion of enrollment: €27.27
  • Registration of thesis supervision (EHEA): €401.12
  • Registration of thesis deposit: €156.87


  • Issuance of academic certificates: €27.27
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies Diploma: €78.55

Doctoral Degree

  • Doctorate title and doubled Diploma Supplement: €218.15
  • Diploma Supplement Doctor: €32.75 (for studies not adapted to the European Higher Education and in the case of studies adapted only for second and subsequent expeditions).
  • Study of equivalence degree of foreign studies for access to master or doctorate studies or study request the academic career of university graduates from foreign educational systems access to master and doctoral studies without approved degree in public universities: €218.15
  • Study of equivalence of academic doctoral level: €218.15
  • Issuance of the supporting statement credential equivalency academic doctor: €218.15


Public prices for the 2017-2018 course