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UPC card

The UPC card, offered in association with Banco Santander, is an exclusive identification document for members of the university community (students, teaching and research staff, and administration and service staff), retired UPC staff and members of the UPC Group and Associated Bodies. Students will need the card to access many of the services offered to the UPC community, including UPC Libraries and the activities organised by the UPC's Sports Service.


As well as providing a means of identifying the holder, the card incorporates the following features:

Authentication chip

This chip stores a digital certificate that guarantee’s the holder’s identity (authentication) and specific user rights (authorisation). The certificate enables the holder to use a secure digital signature for e-mails. Digital certificate services offered by the UPC adhere to the certification hierarchy implemented by the Catalan Certification Agency (CATCert) and are regulated by the Universities and Research Certification Body (EC-UR).

Proximity chip

Identifies the holder, providing access to university buildings.

Bar code

Provides access to UPC Libraries and library services.

Magnetic stripe

Provides access to UPC buildings and car parks and is used to log arrival and departure of university staff.


What do I need to do to get my UPC card?

To get your UPC card, visit and follow the instructions given.