Dr David Artigas Garcia

Associate professor



The functions of the secretary, outlined in the Regulations on the Organisation and Functions of the Doctoral School, are the following:

  • To call the meetings of the collegial bodies on the order of the chairperson.

  • To organise collegial body elections at the Doctoral School.

  • To vouch for the agreements and resolutions of the Doctoral School's governing bodies.

  • To write and keep custody of the minutes and, if necessary, the recordings of corresponding collegial body meetings.

  • To guarantee the dissemination and advertisement of the agreements, resolutions, regulations and other general rules on institutional functioning among members of the Doctoral School community.

  • To issue certificates, reports, rulings and approved agreements.

  • To draw up the Doctoral School's annual report.

  • To fulfil other functions inherent to the post entrusted to him by the Board, the director or the University's regulations.

David Artigas has a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (1990) and a doctoral degree in Sciences from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (1995).

Since 1998, he has been an associate professor at the UPC's Department of Signal Theory and Communications. He teaches electromagnetism, lasers and photonics at the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSETB).

In 2001, he spent a year at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, UK. In 2006, he was assigned to the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) and was appointed its head of studies in 2009 and its head of Academic Relations in 2015. He was also the coordinator of the doctoral degree in Photonics and the Erasmus Mundus doctoral degree EUROPHOTONICS.

He has been the secretary of the UPC's Doctoral School since September 2014. His research initially dealt with the theoretical analysis and modelling of non-linear optical processes, the characterisation of ultrashort laser pulses, second-harmonic generation and parametric processes. It later focused on microscopy, surface wave applications and wave propagation in birefringent and hyperbolic metamaterials. He has co-supervised two doctoral theses and tutored one.

He is the co-author of more than 60 articles in indexed journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Photonics, Physical Review Letters and Optica, with an h-index of 23 (WoS). He holds four patents, one of which is licensed, has published two books and has participated in more than 70 conferences.