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Issuing of doctoral degrees

Completion of the third cycle of higher education leads to a doctoral degree.


A doctoral degree is issued on the request of the interested party, who pays the corresponding fee set by the government. The degree certificate states that it is a doctoral degree of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and, in accordance with the regulations on the issuing of degrees, also includes information on the field of the doctoral thesis.


The degree certificate is valid from the date on which the fee for issuing the degree certificate was paid.


You can request a provisional degree certificate in Catalan or Spanish from the doctoral programme management unit using the corresponding application form or by email. This document may be legalised by diplomatic channels.

Application for the degree certificate and fee payment

For your degree certificate to be issued, you must pay the fee stated in the decree that sets the fees for academic services at public universities in Catalonia and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya for the corresponding academic year.


What do I need to do?

1) Apply for the doctoral degree certificate to the corresponding doctoral programme management unit once you have defended and passed the thesis.


2) Submit the following documents with your application:


  • Application for the issuing of an official university degree
  • Up-to-date photocopies of the DNI for Spanish nationals and of the residence permit and passport for foreigners.

3) Pay the fee using the form issued by the corresponding doctoral programme management unit once you have submitted the documents stated above.

Once you have paid the fee for the issuing of the degree certificate, the doctoral programme management unit will issue a provisional doctoral degree certificate. If you are unable to collect your certificate of payment in person may grant a third party permission to collect the document(s) on your behalf. This person must provide written authorisation signed by the PhD and a photocopy of the PhD’s national identity document in the case of Spanish nationals or of his or her passport in the case of foreign people.

Communication that the certificate is ready for collection

The corresponding doctoral programme management unit will send you an email to let you know that the doctoral degree certificate is ready for collection.

Delivery of the degree certificate

The degree certificate will be given to you personally. You will need to provide valid ID (DNI, passport or NIE) to collect it. Via a notary, you can authorise another person to collect it for you.


You can ask the UPC to send your degree certificate to the provincial education authority closest to your home, if you live outside Barcelona, or to the Spanish embassy or consulate if you live abroad.

Signature of the degree certificate

Once you have checked that all the personal and academic information on the certificate is correct, you must sign:

  • The doctoral degree certificate
  • The register
  • A form stating that the certificate has been delivered to you

Duplicate copy of the degree certificate

You may request a duplicate copy of the degree certificate if the information on it (such as your first name, surname or nationality) has changed after the date on which you paid the fee.


Follow the same steps as for the application for the original degree certificate. You will have to submit the original degree certificate and the documents supporting your request for a duplicate copy.


You will have to pay a fee for the issuing of the duplicate copy of the certificate if you are responsible for the loss of the original copy.


If you lose your degree certificate a statement to this effect must be published in the Official Gazette of the Spanish Government. A month after the publication of this statement in the Official Gazette, you may request the duplicate copy. You will have to pay the fee for the issuing of the certificate and for the publication of the announcement.

N.B: Doctoral students who have defended their thesis according to R.D. 778/1998 shall submit, together with the doctoral degree request, a birth certificate.



See the reference section of the international certification or the associated procedure for more information.