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Publication of the thesis in TESEO

TESEO is a digital repository of doctoral theses from the Consejo de Universidades and is managed by the Ministerio de Educación Cultura y  Deporte since 1976. It allows the remote consultation of theses presented in Spanish universities as all of them are published in TESEO according to article 14.5 of the Spanish law RD 99/2011.


The Doctoral School is responsible for the registration and maintenance of the information in the system. This is the reason why the same documents presented during the thesis deposit period offer the necessary information to be transferred to this database under the terms of the Spanish Data Protection Law.


TESEO is an electronic tool which contains the full text of theses over the Internet, additionally allowing the user to construct searches by author, advisor, title, knowledge area, university, year of defense, etc.


For more information, please contact with us openning a  ticket.