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Publication of the thesis in TDX

The TDX server allows users to consult the full text of theses and to search by author, title, topic and university at which the thesis was read.


The service is coordinated by the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC) and the Supercomputing Centre of Catalonia Consortium (CESCA) and is sponsored by the Catalan Ministry of Universities, Research and the Information Society. Its main aims are:


  • To disseminate the research results of Catalan universities via the Internet to the rest of the world.
  • To provide the authors of doctoral theses with a tool for increasing the accessibility and impact of their work.
  • To improve bibliographic management of doctoral theses read at Catalan universities.
  • To encourage electronic publication and the creation of digital libraries.
  • To promote the creation and use of scientific production at Catalan universities.


The digital copies uploaded to the TDX server must be the original versions of the theses deposited at the Doctoral School prior to reading and defence. For theses read before 2004, a digitised version of the original paper copy submitted to the Doctoral School should be uploaded.




  • Theses defended from 11 February 2012:

    Author statement for the incorporation of the thesis to TDX: students must complete all of the details and submit two signed copies.


      • Theses defended before 11 February 2012:

      Thesis licence agreement: students must complete all of the details and submit two signed copies.

      Documentation should be sent to:

      Doctoral School
      Pl. Eusebi Güell 6 - Vèrtex building (Noth Campus) - 08034 Barcelona
      Tel. 93 401 61 53
      Contacte: ticket


      Digitisation of the doctoral thesis


      Authors who defended their thesis before 2004 and want it to be incorporated into the TDX repository can contact:

      University Library
      C/ Jordi Girona 31 - TG building -08034 Barcelona
      Tel. +34 93 401 16 65