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Article-based theses

An article-based thesis essentially consists of a set of scholarly articles in which the doctoral candidate has participated significantly.

If you wish to submit an article-based thesis, you must satisfy the conditions outlined in the specific regulations for the doctoral programme The submission of an article-based thesis is not permitted on doctoral programmes that do not have their own specific regulations.


BEFORE STARTING THE PROCEDURE FOR SUBMITTING THE THESIS, the doctoral candidate must submit a reasoned application the entry of which will be registered to the academic committee of the doctoral programme, and provide the information and documents listed in the application.


The resolution of the academic committee of the programme will be communicated to the doctoral candidate before the deadline given in the programme's specific regulations. It may be a ruling on the entire thesis (all of the publications submitted) or a partial ruling.

Examination committee

As a general rule, the co-authors of your articles may not form part of the examination committee for the thesis, unless it is fully justified and expressly authorised by the academic committee of the doctoral programme.

Thesis submission

An article-based thesis must be submitted in accordance with the standard procedure outlined in the Academic Regulations for Doctoral Studies.