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International doctorate certification in the doctoral degree

Students who would like the International Doctorate certification to be displayed on their doctoral degree certificate must spend a period of study or research of at least three months at a higher education institution or research centre outside Spain.

The period of study or research must be approved by the thesis supervisor and authorised by the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme. Students must obtain a certificate from the director(s) of the research group, institution or institutions in question and submit the original, complete with institutional stamp, for validation by the UPC. The details of the period of study or research spent abroad will be included in the doctoral training log.

The external examiner appointment proposal must include a PhD holder from a higher education institution or research centre outside Spain. This examiner cannot be the supervisor of the period of study or research.

Writing of the thesis, assessment of the thesis prior to reading and defence, and the composition of the examination panel must comply with a series of specific requirements explained in the thesis reading procedure.


At least part of the thesis, as well the abstract and conclusions, must be written and submitted in one of the languages commonly used for scientific communication in the area of knowledge in question. This language may not be any of the official languages of Spain. This rule shall not apply if the student's time abroad takes place in a Spanish-speaking country, the reports are in Spanish and the experts are Spanish speakers.


At least two doctoral-level experts from a higher education or research institution in another country must issue official preliminary reports on the thesis.