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Joint supervision of doctoral thesis

Cotutelle operates under the terms of an agreement between two institutions and students who wish to apply for the joint doctoral thesis supervision must ensure that the following requirements are met:

  1. There should be the admission to a doctoral programme at UPC and at the partner university.
  2. Students must ask for the joint doctoral thesis supervision to their supervisor and ask for approval of the corresponding PhD programme's academic committee.
  3. Agreements must meet the regulations and requirements of both universities. Students will have to pay tuition fees and charging thereof at UPC.
  4. International Mobility: Doctoral Candidates will have to carry out research periods at both institutions under the terms of the agreement governing the programme.

Once the doctoral candidate has successfully defended the thesis written under joint international supervision, he/she is entitled to two PhD degree certificates, one from each centre, as agreed by both institutions. If one candidate does not wish to pursue a double degree but is seeking co-supervision for his/her thesis, he/she must submit the form Appointment of a thesis supervisor or co-supervisor external to the UPC.

For further information, please, read the Academic Regulations for Doctoral Studies RD 99/2011 (CG 117/2017)


Model agreements for the joint supervision of thesis in are available in the Doctoral Schoool upon request.