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Thesis with protection process and/or confidentiality agreements

If the doctoral thesis is subject to confidentiality agreements with companies or contains patentable material, the following documents must be submitted to the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme:


  1. An application for the submission of a doctoral thesis in accordance with confidentiality protection processes and/or confidentiality agreements [PTCD].
  2. A full copy of the thesis and an encrypted copy of the thesis, which must contain sufficient text to provide a general idea of the research carried out. Therefore, only those elements vital to protection of property rights or subsequent transfer of the results should be encrypted.
  3. Originals or certified copies of all documents relating to the intellectual property agreements or knowledge and technology transfer agreements applicable to the content of the thesis.
  4. The original copy or a certified copy of the report issued by the thesis supervisor (and ratified by the internal examiner, if applicable) approving the request to submit the thesis with associated confidentiality and rights agreements.


The members of the Academic Committee are required to maintain full confidentiality of the content of the doctoral thesis and must sign the confidentiality agreement.