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Preliminary avaluation

Once the thesis is complete and ready for public defence, the thesis supervisor must add a note to this effect to the doctoral training log and submit the thesis to the Academic Committee for authorisation to proceed to the thesis defence.

The Academic Committee reviews the thesis before deciding whether to authorise the thesis defence. If the thesis does not meet the quality requirements established in the doctoral programme it is returned to the student with a report containing the observations made by the Academic Committee. The student should use the report as the basis for corrections and amendments to the thesis, with the assistance of the supervisor.

Once the necessary changes have been made, the Academic Committee assesses the thesis using internationally accepted quality indicators for the corresponding field of knowledge. If suitable indicators are not available or if further validation is required, the Academic Committee may request a detailed report on the suitability of the work for presentation as a doctoral thesis from two external experts with detailed knowledge of the area of study. If the expert report identifies problems with the thesis content, further corrections must be made before proceeding to the thesis defence.

The observations made by the Academic Committee and the external experts are added to the doctoral training log.