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Once the thesis reading proposal has been authorised, you must register the thesis deposit with the unit in charge of your doctoral programme. If the programme is not coordinated by a specific unit, the thesis deposit should be registered directly with the Doctoral School Office.


N.B. Your student record must include a certified photocopy of the official university qualification and, if applicable, of the official master’s degree, which must be legalised via diplomatic channels or homologated, if the title is from a country which is not a member of the European Union, and with the certified translation if not in Spanish.


Students must submit the documentation listed below:


  1. A certified photocopy of the national identity document (DNI), passport or foreigner identification number (NIE).
  2. The enrolment form for the thesis lodging registration.
  3. An electronic copy (PDF, etc.) of the complete thesis.
  4. An electronic copy (PDF, etc.) of the thesis summary, in English and Catalan or Spanish, of no more than 4,000 characters (see the forms section).
  5. The doctoral training log, signed by the tutor and the thesis supervisors, and with the approval from the doctoral coordinator.
  6. Authorisation from the thesis supervisor, and the internal examiner, if applicable.
  7. Authorisation from the Academic Committee to proceed to the thesis deposit, including original copies of the external expert reports, if applicable, or a statement from the Academic Committee that the thesis has been externally assessed and approved for public defence.
  8. Examination panel proposal. Once the necessary documents have been compiled, the Academic Committee signs the proposal and submits it to the unit in charge of the doctoral programme or the Doctoral School Office, as applicable. See the section on the thesis examination panel for further information on composition, assessment and appointment.
  9. The brief CV (max. 200 words) in electronic format (PDF, for example) for all proposed members from outside the UPC.
  10. The author statement for the incorporation of the thesis to TDX.
  11. Optionally: application for the International Doctorate qualification and the accompanying documentation listed in the international doctorate certification section.


To register the thesis deposit, you must have passed the thesis tutorials and have paid all annual tutorial enrolment fees. Any outstanding tutorial enrolment fees from previous years must be paid before proceeding to register the thesis deposit.


Registration is not considered official until the corresponding fee has been paid in full.


PhD students enrolled under the framework of RD 56/2005 and RD 1393/2007 will require, at the time of the thesis enrollment, the commitment document between doctorate student and thesis director.