Welcome Ceremony


The Welcome Ceremony is the event organized by the Graduate School to welcome the university community associated with doctoral studies each academic year.

Prior to the start of this event, it is preceded by the Welcome and training session for new PhD Students, during which the units that provide services and cross-disciplinary training to doctoral students are introduced. The 23-24 academic year edition, that took place on November 8, 2023, can be watched on the Doctoral School's YouTube channel:


During the ceremony, a keynote lecture takes place, delivered by an invited speaker, along with other presentations of interest on the current state of doctoral studies at the national and international levels. After the presentations, the awards for outstanding doctoral achievements from the current academic year are presented by the rector.

You can also watch the Welcome Ceremony for the 23-24 academic year on the Doctoral School's YouTube channel, where it was streamed on November 8, 2023: