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Extraordinary awards

The Doctoral School announces a call for applications for special doctoral awards during the second semester of each academic year.

The call is approved by the Doctoral School’s Standing Committee and is open to doctoral degree holders who have obtained a cum laude distinction for the defence of their thesis in the academic year specified in the call.

The awards are judged by a jury appointed by the Doctoral School’s Standing Committee for each area of knowledge and call; the final decision is taken by the Doctoral School's Standing Committee and ratified by the UPC's Governing Council.

The corresponding diplomas are presented at the doctoral degree’s inauguration ceremony the following academic year.

We encourage you to participate in the calls, as they are a way of making your doctoral research visible and sharing your sustained efforts with society.

2020 CALL


By virtue of the provisions of the Academic Regulations for Doctoral Studies, approved in Governing Council Decision CG/2019/05/19, on 8 October 2019,


To promote the 2020 call for Special Doctoral Awards for theses defended in the 2017-2018 academic year, in accordance with the following rules and regulations:



General regulations

The rules contained in this call will be published on the Doctoral School website and will be the sole means of advertising that will be taken into account in calculating deadlines and complying with the procedures established in the call, without prejudice to the interested parties receiving, in a complementary and unofficial manner, communications by e-mail, and any other means of advertising that the UPC deems appropriate for guaranteeing maximum publicity among doctoral candidates and researchers. Participants will receive the communications at the e-mail address they provided when they registered.

All participants must accept the rules of the competition in their entirety, as well as the solutions by the organisers of any incidents not foreseen in these rules, in accordance with the criteria that are deemed most suitable.

Tacit acceptance of the rules and exemption from liability

Participating in the competition implies accepting all of the rules. The Doctoral School reserves the right to extend or modify these rules and the calendar and even to cancel the competition or declare it void, provided there is a justified cause. Any modifications of the rules will come into effect the day after the date of publication. Candidates will have three days to withdraw from the competition or to take appropriate action as a result of the rules being extended or modified. The Doctoral School reserves the right to exclude any candidate who commits fraud or interferes with the smooth running of the competition and its compliance with the regulations.

Personal data protection

Personal data will be added to the University’s files exclusively for purposes stemming from activities related to the Doctoral School’s Special Doctoral Awards. Persons within the scope of Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and warranty of digital rights may exercise their right to access, correct, cancel or dispute their personal information by contacting the Doctoral School.

Barcelona, 20 February 2020


Francisco Luis Sepulcre Sánchez

Chair of the Standing Committee of the Doctoral School