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First edition of the competition Your Doctoral Thesis in a Twitter Thread: #HiloTesis


Do you want to tell us about your doctoral thesis in a Twitter thread? We look forward to your participation!

The Doctoral School of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya is participating in the first edition of the competition Your Doctoral Thesis in a Twitter Thread: #HiloTesis, which is held by the Scientific Outreach and Culture Network (RedDivulga) of the R&D&I committee of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE).

It is an initiative for promoting communication and science outreach skills among doctoral students and recent doctoral graduates.

Whether they have completed their thesis in the last six months or they are still working on it, trainee researchers are asked to explain to a general audience what they do and how and why they do it. They must communicate their doctoral thesis in a thread of no more than 20 tweets using simple, accessible and appealing language.

The competition runs between 1 April at midnight and 23 April 2021 at 11.59 p.m. CEST. Participants must post their thread and submit the form within this period.

Participants are allowed just one thread with a maximum of 20 tweets.

Tweets must be posted in Spanish or any of the co-official languages in Spain (in this case, a translation into Spanish is required).

Calendar for the call:

• From 1 to 23 April: students post their threads and submit the form.

• 26 April: the organisers of the competition send each university the threads of participants who have submitted the form.

7 May: universities submit the three threads chosen by their juries to the national jury proposed by RedDivulga for assessment.

From 21 to 28 May: the jury chooses the three winners and announces its decision publicly.

Consult the competition rules for the participation requirements, instructions on posting your tweets and the assessment criteria.

We look forward to your participation!