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Work placements

As a UPC doctoral candidate you can go on a placement at a company or a public or private body to carry out your doctoral thesis in a research area that is of interest to both institutions.

Placements are governed by a specific agreement  between the company and the UPC.


If you are interested in a placement of this kind, please bear in mind the following:

1. The research to be carried out at the company must be directly related to the work on your doctoral thesis. 

2. You must be enrolled in a doctoral programme at the UPC and pay the corresponding official fees. 

3. Your thesis supervisor must be in agreement. 

4. You must respect the regulations of the company and the University. 

5. The placement must last no longer than 11 months, although if it is advisable and there is sufficient reason for doing so, this period may be extended. 

6. You cannot receive any kind of remuneration from the company or the UPC. 

7. The company must appoint a tutor to monitor your work.

If you wish to set up a collaboration agreement with a company or you have any questions, please contact us