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Clean Circles - International Forum on Energy and Circular Economy

Clean Circles - International Forum on Energy and Circular Economy

The cluster project Clean Circles, which investigates iron as future energy carrier to store and release renewable energy, offers a wonderful opportunity for early-career researchers, especially also female ones, to participate in an International Forum on Energy and Circular Economy.

The program welcomes especially international applications from countries of the Global South and European ones. It focusses on PhD students and postdocs with a research background in the fields of natural science, engineering, political science, and economics which are related to energy applications.

The young researchers will connect over a period of 2 years through online tools and attend several minisymposia online to get insights in the interdisciplinary research happening within Clean Circles, exchange ideas, and network with each other.

Additionally, two workshops in Germany (2-3 days each) with travel and accommodation costs paid will be offered.

The scientific component of the forum is accompanied by an individual career mentoring by leading and established researchers from Clean Circles.

Up to 10 young researchers (PhD students/Postdocs) can be supported through the Forum. The idea is that over time, the Forum will develop to a global network for these important topics, especially including young researchers from the Global South and with a focus also on women scientists.


The International Forum on Energy and Circular Economy will start with a Welcoming Event this summer. Application is possible until 31st May (please note that this is an updated deadline for applications).

Further information about the forum and the application process can be found in the attached flyer and online.


Do not miss the chance and apply now!