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"Presenta la teva tesi en 4 minuts" interuniversity final

Today Thursday, June 22, at 6:00 p.m., the Final of the "Presenta la teva tesi en 4 minuts" competition will take place. PhD student Milica Zivanic, from the program in Biomedical Engineering and winner of the institutional stage of the competition, will represent the UPC with her presentation 'Fighting cancer with plasma and hydrogels'.

We provide you with the link to the Live Streaming video in case the event is of interest to you:


Final interuniversitaria de la 6ª edició del concurs "Presenta la teva tesi en 4 Minuts"



In this edition the audience award will be awarded through a public voting in which both the in-person audience and the audience connected via streaming will be able to participate. Voting will be done through an application, which will be provided via QR code and web address, at a specific time during the event.