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Cross-disciplinary training

Because we are aware of the importance of developing trainee researchers' complementary personal and professional skills, the Doctoral School of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya offers doctoral candidates cross-disciplinary training courses and activities to help them acquire competencies in the following areas:

  1. Doctoral degrees in the framework of the European Higher Education Area

  2. Ethical and responsible research principles and practices 

  3. Research methods

  4. Bibliographic resources and information services by area of knowledge

  5. Research communication and publication: visibility and impact indicators 

  6. Research policies in Spain and Europe, research funding 

  7. Knowledge transfer, the protection of research results, entrepreneurship and technological start-ups

  8. Teaching skills

  9. Teaching innovation and creativity

  10. Careers advice

  11. Technology and Patent Management for Scientists

By participating in these activities you will have the chance to get to know the research carried out by other doctoral candidates with whom you may collaborate in the future.

Cross-disciplinary training plan 

The cross-disciplinary training plan of the Doctoral School is offered in collaboration with the Libraries, Publications and Archives Service, the Language and Terminology Service, UPC Alumni and the Institute of Education Sciences.

Training courses

  1. Courses offered by the Libraries, Publications and Archives Service

  2. Courses offered by the Language and Terminology Service

  3. Cursos d’UPC Alumni

  4. Courses offered by the Institute of Education Sciences


What you need to know

  1. In general, all of the activities are free of charge. (If there is an exception, this is stated in the information on the activity.)

  2. You must have enrolled for tutorials to be able to register. 

  3. The admission criteria are public and specific to each activity. 

  4. If you can't attend an activity, let us know so that we can assign your place to another doctoral candidate. Confirming your attendance provides us with information on the resources needed to teach the activity. 

  5. Once you have completed an activity, remember to add it to your doctoral student activity report (DAD).