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International Doctorate mention

The doctoral degree certificate may include the International Doctorate mention on the front. To be awarded the mention you must: 

  1. Spend at least three months at a respected higher education institution or research centre outside Spain to study or do research. 

  2. Part of your thesis, at least the abstract and the conclusions, must be written and presented in one of the languages commonly used for science communication in your field of research, which must not be an official language of Spain. This rule does not apply to stays and reports in Spanish or to experts from Spanish-speaking countries.

  3. At least two PhD-holding experts belonging to a higher education institution or research centre outside Spain must have issued a report on the thesis. 

  4. The thesis examination committee must include at least one PhD-holding expert from a higher education or research institution outside Spain who was not responsible for the candidate’s stay abroad. 

  5. The thesis defence must take place at the UPC or, in the case of joint programmes, at the location specified in the collaboration agreement.

How do I apply for the International Doctorate mention?

When you deposit your thesis, you must submit the following documents if you have not already done so: 

  1. Application for the International Doctorate mention

  2. Endorsement and authorisation of the International Doctorate mention 

  3. Certificate of the stay issued by the person responsible in the research group at the body where the stay took place

  4. Report by two PhD holders belonging to a higher education institution or research centre outside Spain 

Further information

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