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Interested parties must address an application to the rector and attach the following documents:


  1. An official identity document.

  2. A copy of the official doctoral degree certificate, which in some cases must have been legalised.

  3. The address of the public repository or website where the doctoral thesis is published. If the thesis is not available online, a copy of the thesis.

  4. A list of the academic publications stemming from the doctoral thesis.


The application and attached documents must be sent in electronic format, in accordance with any guidelines on the format and the procedure, in Catalan, Spanish or English. If the documents are in another language, official translations into any of the aforementioned languages must be provided. The thesis must be sent in the original language. The interested party will be informed if translations are necessary.

Only those applications that are related to the Doctoral School's subject areas and for which the review fee has been paid will be authorised.