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Quality policy and objectives of the doctoral school

The Doctoral School's mission is to guarantee the quality of doctoral studies in its areas of knowledge (Architecture, Urbanism and Building Construction, Sciences, Civil Engineering, ICT Engineering and Industrial Engineering) and promote the generation of innovative knowledge that serves society. It aims to become an international benchmark in research training.

The Doctoral School's commitment is to meet the objectives set out in the 2018-2021 UPC Action Plan for research and continuous improvement:

  • To provide doctoral candidates with education focused on excellence in a research environment with top-level scientific infrastructure. 

  • To provide teaching staff at the UPC with the support needed to build relationships and foster collaboration with sectors in which lines of research with the greatest social, economic and technological impact have been identified. 

  • To foster the international mobility of doctoral candidates and teaching staff by setting up alliances with other institutions and international organisations that enable the exchange and transfer of knowledge. 

  • To give maximum visibility to doctoral theses produced at the UPC—a key element of its research valorisation strategy—with the aim of attracting national and international talent. 

  • To support and train its academic and administrative staff in their activities and functions and foster their professional development. 

  • To promote continuous improvement strategies to guarantee the quality of the UPC's doctoral programmes and achieve excellence. 

  • To ensure that the Doctoral School's Internal Quality Assurance System is applied, revised periodically and adapted to changes in needs and circumstances. 

  • To endeavour to make the Doctoral School's Quality Policy available and known to stakeholders and gain their approval.

The Doctoral School's directors pledge to devote all its technical, economic and human resources to fulfilling these objectives in accordance with the Internal Quality Assurance System. 


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