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Stage 2


After enrolling for the thesis deposit, the managing unit of the programme sends the thesis to the Doctoral School so that, once it has revised it and ensured that no problems need to be dealt with, the deposit can be handled in the UPC's management system. Therefore, the day after, the doctoral thesis is deposited at the Doctoral School for 10 working days.

The Doctoral School advertises the thesis deposit on its web page and, internally, the academic committee informs the teaching and research staff members of the unit or units promoting the programme.

During this period, accredited doctoral degree holders may ask the Standing Committee of the Doctoral School for access to the doctoral thesis to consult it and make any comments and allegations on its content that they deem appropriate. If comments are made on your thesis, the Doctoral School will inform you, your supervisor and your tutor (if applicable) in writing and will ask the academic committee of your programme to state its position on whether the process should continue or be halted (temporarily or definitively) within five working days.