Documents and procedures

Documents for the research stage

Doctoral thesis 

Article-based thesis

Application to submit an article-based thesis


Thesis enrolment and deposit

Authorisation of the thesis supervisor for the submission of the defence proposal [ADT]
Endorsement and authorisation of the International Doctorate mention [AA]  
UNESCO codes (for the thesis summary form) [Cod. UNESCO]
Application for the submission of a doctoral thesis in accordance with confidentiality protection processes and/or confidentiality agreements [PTDC]
Report by the external expert [IEE]
Quality report and authorisation of the academic committee of the programme for the thesis submission [ADU]

Thesis summary DOC
[Thesis summary PDF - pdf]

N.B.: the thesis summary forms only accept 4,000 characters of plain text, with no formatting, because later procedures related to the thesis (registration in Prisma, TDX, Teseo, etc.) 

Enrolment [M]
Application for the International Doctorate mention [MI]
Comments by a PhD holder [OD]
Comments by the academic committee of the doctoral programme [OCAPD]
Temporary embargo of the doctoral thesis [ET]

Declaration of confidentiality [CONF]

Thesis examination committee

Budget for thesis examination committee expenses [DT]
Proposal for the doctoral thesis examination committee [T]

Assessment of the thesis defence

Thesis assessment results [QUALIFICACIÓ TESI]
Thesis with an International Doctorate mention assessment results [QUALIFICACIÓ TESI MI]

TDX dissemination

TDX: Declaration of the author for the inclusion of the thesis in TDX [Declaració TDX]
Thesis dissemination agreement (theses defended before 11 February 2012)


Thesis examination committee guidelines [Suport tribunal] (This document is being updated by the Doctoral School)